How long will my order take to arrive? 

All orders usually arrive between 14 - 30 days* 

Please note: Some deliveries in regards to SIQURA™ may be delayed at this time due to the extremely high volume of orders within Australia, in regards to the virus outbreak. Dispatch and delivery times are subject to change without notice. Our aim is to have all orders processed and dispatched as soon as possible. Every effort is being made to keep up with orders and resume normal delivery timelines where possible. We will keep you updated along the order dispatching process.

Is supply available?

We currently have products available, however, with increased demand at this time, the delivery timelines have been impacted. You will receive your order within an allocated time frame.

Which products are currently available?

Hand Sanitisers:  5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L

Aerosols: 100gm and 300gm 

Foggers: 100gm, 300gm 

Surface Cleaners: 5L, 20L, 200L, and 1000L

What are your payment terms?

Payment for all orders is required in full upon placing your order. This reflects the terms in which we ourselves are operating under to secure stock.

How to order SIQURA™ products if you are franchise or wholesaler:

For large quantity orders and distribution:


Step1: Please email

Step 2: Request a product catalogue and pricing list for all orders

Please ensure to add in your details including;

Company Name 


Contact details including; phone email and address


Please provide all details for usage - either personal company use or distribution requirements. At this time we may prioritise those in the essential services sectors.

What is the best process for placing an order?

Place your orders and pay in full. This will automatically put you in the order queue. You can pre-order or backorder where necessary.

When will the small format bottles be back in stock?

Every effort is being made to secure inventory and fulfil order quantities during the current pandemic. Please check in regularly for updates.

How safe are the SIQURA™ products to use?

SIQURA™ is alcohol-free and helps keep your skin soft and healthy. It is suitable for use by children and can be used around food, pets and plants. Unlike traditional alcohol-based hand sanitisers that only provide short term protection, the unique Fresche™ technology creates an invisible microscopic layer of protection on your skin and surfaces which continually destroys bacteria for up to 24 hours*. 


As with all products, you should always follow the usage instructions on the labels, as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Urban Green Farms distributes on behalf of the manufacturer and takes no responsibility for misuse of the products and their effectiveness. The suggested usage, applications and protection is as per the manufacturer’s description. If any irritation occurs please discontinue use.


If you have any questions please contact

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